Michaele Kutyna has been photographing children and families for the past seven years. I started in photography because of my children. I have created so many memories through them and will have them to cherish forever. The styles I choose to create are both studio and natural lighting photography. I enjoy capturing that special smile, laugh, or moment for people. My sessions are relaxed and fun. I love to capture children in their natural environment. I will have them run around and just play while I capture those special memories. I want them to smile naturally without being forced. I tend to take a lot of pictures so that you have plenty to choose from. You will never be rushed and time is taken to capture those special moments. I hope that you will enjoy the galleries in my website! Also check back from time to time to see what specials are being offered. Below are some specials currently going on.



I will be having a mini photo session in my home on October 20th and 21st, 2012 from 1-4p.m. to take some halloween photos! If you would like to have your childrens' photos taken in their halloween costumes or the whole family especially if you have a theme, then call today or email to get your appointment. These sessions are by appointment only. I will be setting up a mini studio in my home using a solid background and props. Your are welcome to bring your own props as well! The cost is just for the package which is $25. There are several packages to choose from to meet your needs. Not everyone likes the same sizes so I am giving you several options! I will take three poses so that you can mix up your packages if you like, or you may choose just one pose. It is up to you! You will view the pictures that day and will have them back at the end of the next week!


Starting October 1st through December 15th there will be NO SESSION FEES! How exciting for everyone especially in this economy! We all need a break somewhere! The session fee is normally $60 but I am waiving this during this time. Now everyone can afford to capture and preserve their memories with no session fee and inexpensive prints! We offer prints al la carte or through packages where you can mix up your poses! So use our premade packages or create your own. It is up to you!


Calling all graduating Seniors! I want to get a group of Seniors to do some natural senior portraits. There will be a discount on the creation fee and a free 11x14 framed portrait from the photo shoot. If you book it between October 1st and December 15th, 2012 there will be no session fee! Anyone interested please call or email Michaele at 678-469-9339, msod@att.net.